Words from the great playas and pimps of y our life time!

Words from the great playas and pimps of y our life time!

Enjoy these pimpin’ words of knowledge!

Enjoy, and tell us when you have other pimp quotes you’d like to add

What exactly is love? What is this longing inside our hearts for togetherness? Can it be maybe not the flower that is sweetest? Doesn’t this flower of love have actually the fragrant aroma of fine, fine diamonds? Will not the wind love the dust? Just isn’t love maybe not unlike the maybe not likely maybe not it really is unlikened to? Tonight are you with someone? Usually do not concern your love. Simply take your fan because of the hand. Release the energy within your self. Your heard me, launch the energy. Tame the cosmos that is wild a whisper. Overcome heaven with one intimate caress. That’s right don’t be bashful. Whip out whatever you got and get it done when you look at the butt. Leon Phelps “The Women Guy”

Lemme tell you somethin’, this pimpin it came from a family tree that I got in my blood. My granddaddy had been a pimp, my great great GREAT granddaddy ended up being a pimp. I’m talkin’ bout pimpin’ since been pimpin’ since been pimpin’! Baby Powder, ” Just Just How High”

Tonight Kenny Fisher: Yo, I gotta have sex! I mean peep this – they state right here ninety-two per cent of this honeys at UCLA are intimately active. Ninety-two of this ladies in Los Angeles at UCLA walking on going, “Class… or intercourse? Exactly just What shall i really do?” Ninety-two per cent, yo! Hey, do you know what this means?

Ritchie Koolboy: Just Just What?

Kenny Fisher: it indicates we gots a ninety-two per cent chance of embarrassing myself. I roll through to that shorty be like, “What’s up yo?” she be like, “You don’t understand 20 different methods to make me phone you Big cuz that is poppa don’t yo.

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Now, she is good-looking, but we’re prepared to trade searches for a certain… attitude that is morally casual. Boon “Animal Home”

Think about if we wait six months to call. I possibly could inform her We found her quantity I can’t remember where we met while I was cleaning out my wallet. I’ll ask her just what she seems like after which I’ll ask her whenever we f****’d. What about that? Would that be cash? Mike “Swingers”

if you’re from the dance flooring and you also turn to your kept along with your right and there’s not a female in sight…you’re never pimpin’ cash Mike “Ludacris: Red Light District Album”

If just I really could turn out and fool around with you tonight, but I’m a small busy… with your girlfriend on my lap. Kid “Home Party”

All that’s necessary is scented candles, therapeutic massage oil, and Barry White. Write that down. Van Wilder “Van Wilder” Movie

Contemplate it Josh, you’re in college. The screen of possibility to take in and do medications and make the most of girls is becoming smaller and smaller every day. E.L. “Path Trip”

pimps do what they need to complete, hoes do whatever they told, and a square does exactly what he can Payroll “American Pimp: natural Outtakes plus the complex Truth”

I’m a man that is simple. All i would like is enough rest for two normal guys, enough whiskey for three, and sufficient women for four. Joel Rosenberg

Thats just just just what we like about senior school girls…I keep gettin older in addition they simply stay the exact same age… “Dazed and Confused”

That which you lookin’ at? You all a lot of f**ckin’ a-holes. You understand why? You don’t have actually the guts to be everything you wanna be? You’ll need individuals just like me. You will need people just like me in order to aim your f**ckin’ fingers and say, “That’s the bad guy.” So… exactly exactly what that produce you? Good? You’re negative. You simply learn how to conceal, just how to lie. Me personally, we don’t have that issue. Me, i usually tell the reality. Even if We lie. So say good evening into the theif! think about it. The time that is last gonna see a poor guy similar to this once more, let me make it clear. Seriously. Make method for the guy that is bad. There’s a guy that is bad through! Better get outta their means! Tony Montana “Scarface”

There are occasions for dropping aside, and there are occasions so you can get’ funky. This is certainly one of those cool times. Therefore what’s it gonna be? You willing to play some cool music, white child? Undercover Brother “Undercover Brother”

Hate to sound sleazy, but tease me personally, I don’t want it if it is that simple. Tupac “I Have About, Greatest Hits Album”

Ritchie Koolboy: Aw damn, guy. Our boy’s a fag, yo.

DJ Sammy: Yo, who’s a fag?

Kenny Fisher: Yo, both of y’all. That is a “fragrance of love” scented candle, *****. Damn!

Rudy: Let’s have a bachelor celebration with chicks and firearms and fire trucks and hookers and medications and booze!

Gary: Yeah! Yeah yeah! everything which make life well well worth residing concerning!

Man that’s the mistake that is biggest a pimp will make: marryin’ one of his true hos. Alabaster Jones “King for the Hill”

I pity the trick whom goes down tryin’ a’ just just take over da globe, than runs home cryin’ to their momma! B.A. Baracus (Mr. T) “The A-Team”

Austin: we don’t understand, child, we never ever seemed.

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