Price And Performance Of Replica Watches

Even more than in the apparel industry, watch replica brands want as much control over all communication as possible in order to make the vast majority of content as empty and tasteless as possible. Brands also see their own industry because while demand is structurally evolving, they - for a very large majority - are still accustomed to the old paradigm of communication in watchmaking: lack of transparency and lack of words.

I hesitated, because even with experience or insatiable curiosity, one must humbly admit that this exercise requires knowledge and a gaze that very few have. I was fortunate enough to know people who have written entire books on watchmaking and have literally encyclopedic knowledge about fake watches: they command respect and should lead to some form of humility.

But I also remembered the need to offer guidelines, tools to help those who don't have time to wait for years of experience, testing, reading and sharing. For me, this is mainly a demonstration of pedagogy, which is not aimed at leadership, but on the contrary, allows the audience to develop their own critical thinking and ask the right questions. I am not a "influencer" and I also do not appreciate these types of "digital / social authorities". I completely reject anyone who says that an influential person influences this logic.

However, with all this messy information of very different quality, it was necessary to offer a tool to navigate. So this is it, even if it is clearly related to a particular vision of watchmaking, a vision that belongs to me and which I fully accept.


Bad. Part of the Richemont Group, it is a former French luxury brand that was founded and acquired in Paris in 1847 and has since become Swiss. Regardless of the price, this brand can be interesting if you are looking for a classic design like a tank. Otherwise, it's better to go your own way, some collections really don't inspire much. While replica Cartier has focused on jewelry and watch replica design in the past, the brand is now clearly focused on jewelry.

Breitling B01 Calibers

The calibers used greatly influence the price of the Navitimer. Therefore, copies with one caliber are more in demand than others, and, as a rule, are more expensive. The first models, created in 1952, were equipped with hand-wound calibers developed by Swiss suppliers. The 806 is mainly equipped with the famous Venus 178, which fake Breitling also uses for other models such as the Top Time. For a decade, the brand has also used hand-wound calibers developed by ETA. The most famous of these are the Valjoux 72 and 7740. The latter is the first to feature a date window in the Navitimer.

In the late 1960s, Breitling replica introduced the first automatic Navitimer with the famous Chronomatic caliber. This movement is equipped with a chronograph module designed by Willie Replica Breitling, Jack Hoyer, Buuren and watchmaker Gerald Dubois. In the 1990s, the famous Valjoux 77 series automatic calibers were added.

2009 was a decisive turning point in the range of calibers. Breitling replica presents its first in-house movement, the B01. Since then, water has flowed under the bridges as replica Breitling continued to improve its caliber. In recent years, the company has developed various versions of its caliber B01: caliber B04 (GMT function), caliber B05 (world time) and caliber B09 with a manual winding, which makes the new model 806. Chronographs have a column wheel with a vertical clutch. B02 is a three-needle caliber based on the Tudor MT5612. All calibers are created in the the ultimate guide to fake Breitling. They all have a power reserve of about 70 hours and have been awarded the COSC (Swiss Official Chronometer Control) certificate.

Navitimer 8 Collection

In 2018 the Navitimer 8 series was born. The brand dispenses with its famous slide rule for the replica watches of this collection. As a result, the dial is more refined and the Navitimer seems to be more elegant. In addition to the chronographs with the in-house caliber B01, this series also includes replica watches with three hands, a world time clock and variations of the date and day that match the rhythm of the ETA calibers. In 2020, Breitling replica will add models with three 35 mm thin hands. These Navitimers are available in a variety of colors and material combinations and are primarily targeted at women.

Price And Performance

The rise in value of the best Breitling replica watches Navitimer is largely dependent on its reference number. Rare models - especially in the vintage sector - have risen significantly from their original retail price. It is too early to tell if future versions will follow the same trend. In any case, we can say that the cost of Navitimer is relatively stable. Before buying a model, make sure you get the lowest price on a new copy watch, or look for new pre-owned models. If you want to sell your fake watch in a few years time, we recommend buying the complete set with all accessories and paper.

Depending on the model you purchased and care, you can expect a good resale value after a few years. As with many other products, supply and demand determine the price, with limited editions usually more expensive because they are less frequent.

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